Hey beautiful! My name is Charlotte.                                                  Makeup Artist, Skincare Lover, Passion-Fuelled Beauty Business & Salon Owner and Nature Girly! (I'd choose a hike over a night out any day!) 

Welcome to Charlotte Academy, where beauty meets business!  Are you a beauty enthusiast? Girl, let me tell you; The demand for glam is skyrocketing, so why not jump on board and let your soul shine! With enough girl power, we really can accomplish anything that we put our minds too - A dream is a pathway leading to your best life hunnie...  And I want to help you get there!

I am SO grateful for the 9 year career I've had so far in the beauty industry.  (Time flies!!!) I've made and learned from, PLENTY of mistakes along the way; I believe that now, it is my calling, to be the person that I wish I'd of had by my side at from the beginning of my journey. My aim is to empower you to leap into a fulfilling beauty career and be your guiding light along the way! Now more than ever, there is such a HIGH demand in every corner of the beauty industry, a chance to get your soul into it, is not to be missed! 

With social media's superpowers and tons of online marketing tools at your fingertips, now's the perfect time to kick-start your empire! Positive energy attracts positive outcomes... I believe in the power of self-improvement and can't wait to share that journey with you. Ready to find your passion and succeed in a career you love?


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